Our print services are aimed at boosting up the sales through the unmatched creativity by our expert team of graphic designers and visualizers. Our thoughts and designs simply follow one trend uniqueness that makes an impact.


we believe that the entire ideation process from innovation to development and actualization is an essential component of the design process. We don’t just come up with big ideas, we also know how to identify ideas that will result in effective creative solutions for our clients.


Brand names & Taglines that reinforce the story, capture the brand essence and visually lend to a vast world ideas and images.

A great brand name and tagline can serve as the commitment to your cause, a salute to your story, a point of difference in your category, and significant assets to your brand.

Cool fact: The origin of the word “slogan” comes from the Gaelic word slaugh-ghairm, used by Scottish clans to mean “war cry.” Taglines have become the shorthand for what brands stand for and deliver. We develop taglines that are deceptively simple, yet big in thought, to capture the essence of the brand and evoke an emotional response.

We rely on our experience, wit, creative thinking and visual strength to develop names for our clients that make sense from a brand-building perspective.


We enable businesses to develop a corporate personality through our process of identity creation. At icraft, we help companies display a particular character which it uses to relate to its target group. The identity is the public image, which helps businesses develop a relationship with its customers or audiences.


We see copy writing as one of the most integral parts of your brand. A compelling brand voice extends beyond the visual language to encompass every aspect of the organization’s language. Powerful, well- written and relevant content for print and web provides value to both your business and your audience.


Illustration can be an effective means of creating brand differentiation and uniqueness, and can play an important part in enhancing the experience and information brands need to deliver. If illustrations are required to execute the branding concept, Motto can harness the best talent for the project.


Brochures, posters, catalogs, flyers, packaging, publishing promotions, retail graphics, print ads for newspaper & magazine, advertising, annual reports, promotional terms, you name it -we create unified collateral systems that communicate core brand ideas and increase recognition.


We understand the importance of beautifully designed packaging and what motivates people to buy. Consumers judge brands and the quality of the product simply by looking at or picking up the packaging. The interaction that takes place in those moments is critical to your success. Creative product packaging allows you to stand out from your competition and grab your customer’s interest. We can work with you to fine tune the product, determine custom moulds or stock options, and work with vendors to coordinate died lines, design proofs and production quality.


From signage, tradeshow displays and event design to in-store support and merchandising, our goal is to seize every opportunity to create compelling, well-conceived ideas and unique branded experiences.


Photography is a powerful storytelling tool. It is important that every image is carefully selected to communicate the brand concept and convey its most valued and distinct attributes. If new photography assets are required for the creation of the brand’s imagery, icraft can organize, manage, and direct photo shoots for Industrial, Educational, Food & Beverage, Products, Jewelry, Architectural Health Care, Textile, Etc.

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